Alex Rodrigues

Alex Rodrigues is a young self taught artist from india, who has a unique style of painting, he paints with his bare hands, he does not use a brush or any other painting tool, he achives with his hands every texture n detail of his painting and one cannot tell the difference.He developed this technique on his own, with trial and error, and mastered it over the years, with a lot of practice. Alex thinks painting with his bare hands lets him connect with his canvas, in a way god meant for his worldly beauties to connect with eachother, man connecting with woman, bees and butterflies with beautiful, colourful flowers, rivers with the rocks, river banks and river beds, the first rays of the morning sun with our beautiful world and us.  He Also says that painting with his  bare hands makes him not only feel like a painter, but also like a potter, a sculpturer, like a toy maker,like a bread maker (Baker) kneeding dough with her/his hands, like a farmer, joyfully working his hands in the mud to sow his seeds. Alex's works are of a wide variety when one goes thru them, a range of different styles, themes, and effects, he paints whatever comes from his heart, trying not to be influenced by the markets, he feels this keeps his works pure, he tries to take the viewer into a world of fantasy away from the hustle and bustle of todays world of stress and workload, and gives them a world of dreams, imaginative worlds, a smile, and a moment of peace thru his colours, he also takes the viewer to the past when life was simple and pure,  Alex is the only artist to paint with his  bare fingers such detailed works.