Rukshana Hooda

Rukshana Hooda, a visual artist.... a simple down to earth, sensitive, human-being, in love with nature, She love to paint with acrylics, charcoals, on canvas, thick cartridge, teak, fabric, create texture through various interesting mediums ~ She can always admire everything in nature, & always the simple things fascinated her, like the birds chirping, the sunrise , sunset, the skies with those wonderful hues, the trees, the horizon, & this is so true, "We all live under the same sky, but our horizons differ..." She is from India, & Passed out doing Fine Arts, as a Textile Designer from Sir J.J. School Of Art & Sophia College Mumbai. She simply love & adore the people here, their simplicity, their daily chores, the village life, all this has played an important role in her thinking, her paintings, her lifestyle, she would love to work & help them, when traveling how she love to listen to these common ppl., their life, their thoughts, their vision, (again which is so simple....!) Her Genre, is Very Varied, From Abstracts, Landscapes, Charcoals, Moghal-Art, Human forms, Warli, History, & always inspired by Nature around her, its beauty, its serenity, solitude is sometimes Heavenly to her.... Nature in its own self has always stayed absorbed in her expression. Human forms, stones, clouds and landscapes with types of vegetation take transformation on paper, plates, canvas, marine-ply, teak, etc. Beauty has no form still She try to capture & create on her canvas.... have been painting and drawing for as long as She can remember, but employment in a totally unrelated field caused her to give up doing any form of artwork for many years.