Saheba Singh


The artist, Saheba Singh, developed a love for this medium in college and was completely taken in by how versatile black can be. That, and the fact that, black is her favorite colour, helped too! Horse riding has been a passion since childhood so her love for horses is evident in this series.


"A medium as strong as charcoal deserves a subject as powerful. So, horses, lend themselves beautifully to the same....  This series is called 'Catching Storms' and is meant to capture the way horses move and emote. It has a certain amount of restlessness and the right amount of calm - It is almost ethereal...."


"Charcoals seem to have a mind of their own. It can only be controlled and tempered with so much. But it quite fascinating to see how it allows layers and shades under the right kind of pressure, some careless smudging and streaks of highlights under a sharp eraser. I am a charcoal student for life...."

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