Shiv Kumar Soni


Childhood is like a treasure for me.

I like to drench my paintings with the things I saw and observed in the childhood. I like to depict the childhood emotions, imaginations  & moments creatively like playing in rainy weather, imagining oneself over the clouds, flying with kites and many beautiful things. I influenced by objects of childhood like kites, birds, balloons, toys, trays, hats. Anybody can surely marvel the innocent charm of childhood memories in my paintings. I feel joy when viewers start reviving their childhood memories back when they stand in front of my artwork.

I like to show these all things in my artworks with an imagined character, A child whom I have even given the name – “PUPPY” and painting him in my own creative style. This character seems like my self portrait.

 Technically I like to paint with acrylic color in water colored style and has craved it as an exclusive technique.

My artworks make the viewers to drench into flashback of their childhood memories & I wish they enjoy this.



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