Radhika Chand

Born in Bombay,Radhika Chand has lived and studied around the world, including such cities as Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Hong Kong and Sydney. Through her extensive travels Chand has been exposed to a variety of people, cultures and countries which have influenced her work. Chand, who has Down Syndrome, has participated in group shows since the age of 15. Her work, a combination of watercolor and acrylic, is displayed in personal collections in India, England, Australia, Singapore, Finland and the United States. The emotional impact of Radhika's paintings are summed up by a critic who stated, "Radhika shares with her viewers her vision of the world around her. Each canvas is a kaleidoscope of colors, a joyous celebration of life, a spontaneous description of all she sees..." . The artist lives and works in new Delhi.