Rajesh Ram

The photo-realism of Rajesh Ram’s paintings and sculptures captures the truth conceptually and as an artistic expression. His large-format canvases, populated by figures caught up in everyday situations, encourage the viewer to reexamine objects and circumstances that would otherwise appear regular or mundane. The artist’s application of rich, deep colours brings the characters that populate his stories to life. However, their almost expressionless faces do not give the viewer the slightest hint of what may be playing on their minds. It is only the vibrancy of Ram’s palette, varying from earthy to vivacious that gives any suggestion of a mood in his work. Born in 1978, in Jharkhand, Rajesh Ram studied at the Patna School of Art in 2002, and in 2007, he participated in an Art Appreciation Course at the National Museum in New Delhi. An award winner at the 17th All India Art Contest, Nagpur, the artist has held several solo exhibitions, the most recent being 'Hybrid' at Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi and Kolkata, in 2008; Project 88, Mumbai, in 2007; ‘Kala Akshar Bhains Barabar’ at Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2007; and ‘Open Sculpture Show’ at the College of Art, Patna, in 2003. The group shows he has participated in include, 'Urgent: 10ml of Contemporary Needed!', presented by the Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) at Travancore Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2008; Galerie Christian Hosp, Tirol, Austria, in 2008; 'Peers Group Show' at Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2008; Art Konsult, Hong Kong, in 2008; Kala Gallery, Austria, in 2007; Art Pilgrim, London, in 2007; ‘New Paradigms’ at Gallery Romain Rolland and Gallery Threshold, New Delhi, in 2006; ‘Variation’ at the State Gallery of Fine Arts, Hyderabad, in 2006; and Habitat Centre, Open Palm Court, New Delhi, in 2004. The artist lives and works in Patna.