Children Corner

“I spent my first 20 years trying to paint, and the rest of my life trying to paint like a child” -Pablo Picasso

Every child is special and has a beautiful and creative mind but we seldom realize that this beautiful mind needs to be admired and encouraged.  Our children often come to us with their innocent works of art, their eyes shining bright with pride, just looking for validation.

Most times we nod our heads absently and tell them that their drawings are great without really even noticing what they have created. 

What we don’t see is that one of our very own children can one day be the Husain, Souza or Raza of his or her generation.The motive behind this initiative is to encourage young children to paint and sell their art on our website ( for a nominal amount.  Imagine the thrill and confidence they would get when they see their creations on the Internet.  On each sale the child artist will receive 50% of the selling price while Artistree will donate the balance 50% to an NGO (The Foundation) it has partnered with to promote this initiative.  The Foundation is a charity founded by Rahul Bose and it’s goal is to unhesitatingly step in where it can, to make an effective, lasting change in discriminatory attitudes seen in our lives (please see full profile ofThe Foundation on the next page).  Our hope is to not only tap into the creative potential of the children but also to awaken their sense of giving and helping at a young age.

Each child artist will also receive a certificate of appreciation and thanks on the sale of their work.  Artistree will provide the buyer’s with an 80G Income Tax Certificate along with a receipt from The Foundation for the donation amount only.

For details or enquiries please contact us through our enquiry form or via the details mentioned on our contact page.