Fat: A term used to describe paints which have high oil content.

Figurative Art or Representational Art: Art that recognizably represents figures, object or animals from real life, as opposed to Abstract art.

Filler: Inert pigment added to paint to increase its bulk, also called extender.

Film: A thin coating or layer of paint, ink, etc.

Fixative: A solution, usually of shellac and alcohol, sprayed onto drawings, to prevent their smudging or crumbling off the support.

Fresco: The art of painting on fresh plaster, from the Italian word for ‘fresh’.  The term can also refer to a mural painted in this way.

Foxing: Spotting and staining on paintings done on paper caused by mould.

Fugitive Colours: Pigment or dye colours that fade when exposed to light.

Fishhook Clasp: Also called a Hook and Eye Clasp, this fastener has a hook on one end of the chain and a metal loop on the other.  The hook fits through the loop to keep the chain together.

Flawless: The highest grading on the clarity scale.  A flawless diamond has no inclusions or blemishes visible under 10x magnification.

Florentine Finish: The texture on a metal's surface in which small lines are engraved in a crosshatch pattern.

Flush Setting: Holes are cut in the surface of the metal, and stones are placed inside.  Only the tops of the stones are visible, and their tables are even with the metal's surface.

Four Cs: The four distinct characteristics - cut, color, clarity and carat weight - that classify each diamond.  Experts use these classifications to establish the value and quality of every diamond.  For more information, visit our guide to the 4Cs.

Foxtail Chain: Resembling the fullness of a foxtail, this chain is expertly designed by interweaving bent circles of metal together in a continuous pattern.

Freshwater Pearl: Freshwater pearls are harvested from freshwater rivers and/or lakes in China, Japan and the United States.

Facet: An angled, cut surface of a gemstone, rhinestone or diamond.

Freshwater pearl: This pearl is harvested from a freshwater mollusk - a mussel. The shape of freshwater pearls is similar to a grain of crisped rice cereal, rather than round, and they are less valuable than oyster pearls.